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You may not know, but I am a bit of a local celebrity around these parts and I like to think the recognised leader of all the animals around the Farm (including the two-legged animals that feed me and wear funny clothes).


When I get a chance between making sure the Chickens are happy, the Pigs behave themselves and the Geese don't fly away, I will be updating you with all the latest shaggy dog tales from the farm.


Keep checking back for the real truth about life at South Worden Farm.  

Lola’s Blog Sept 2016

By choicesps, Sep 28 2016 09:16PM

Where did summer go? Once again the swallows have gone and we are waiting for the starlings to come to stay.

There has been lots of changes on the farm this summer such as new fencing between the cottages, more concrete down at the stables, lots of flowers planted and a poly tunnel. The area by the workshop has been cleared ready for more fruit trees.

Once again we have had lots of nice guests come to stay with us, some of them had sunny weather!

Whilst we have had more piglets and lambs having fun escaping, we have said goodbye to Charlie Dog. He was a very special friend to all who knew him and is missed so much.

The leaves are starting to fall so I will be enjoying chasing them again and in November we are having a hedge laid down the field which means more sticks to try and play with( I know they are dangerous but I can’t help myself, I am a dog after all!)

Well that’s all for now.

Happy autumn

Lola x

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Hi there!  A big thank you for checking out my Blog.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Lola, one of two dogs on the farm and my 'owners' have let me finally have internet access so I can update the world about life on South Worden Farm.

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