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You may not know, but I am a bit of a local celebrity around these parts and I like to think the recognised leader of all the animals around the Farm (including the two-legged animals that feed me and wear funny clothes).


When I get a chance between making sure the Chickens are happy, the Pigs behave themselves and the Geese don't fly away, I will be updating you with all the latest shaggy dog tales from the farm.


Keep checking back for the real truth about life at South Worden Farm.  

Lola’s Blog Summer 2016

By choicesps, Jul 24 2016 10:37AM

The holiday season is gathering pace and here on the farm life is calming down after lambs and the piglets arriving. The owl box was occupied by crows but they have moved on and the swallows have hatched their first lot of babies in the stables and they look like they are getting ready for a second lot. I love watching them flying around in the evening feeding.

We have all enjoyed the sunny hot weather, there is nothing better than chilling out under a tree whilst Maggi works in the garden. We have had a few visits to the beach which is just brilliant, my favourite place is Sandy Mouth, Bude. When the tide is out Charlie Dog and I have a great time chasing a Frisbee thrown a long way by Charlie Man.

Charlie Dog and I have met some very nice canine guests and the human kind as well.

Here’s wishing you all a happy summer.

Lola x

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Hi there!  A big thank you for checking out my Blog.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Lola, one of two dogs on the farm and my 'owners' have let me finally have internet access so I can update the world about life on South Worden Farm.

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